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Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

Rating: 3.2 (14 votes cast)

Attack on Pearl Harbor is an aerial combat game that will allow players to relive the action-filled dogfights of the Pacific Theater of WWII as both Japanese and American pilots. Featuring arcade-styled gameplay, an accessible interface and extensive tutorials, players will be able to quickly jump into the cockpit and take part in exciting aerial battles. Richly detailed graphics, graphic-novel inspired cutscenes and realistic radio chatter round out the experience. Attack on Pearl Harbor features four solo campaigns, plus a "quick play" dogfight mode. In addition to the initial Japanese attack on Oahu, the game also offers a host of famed and challenging scenarios such as the Battle of Midway, Iwo Jima, Burma and Manila. Each campaign spans several months during 1941-1945, presenting an exciting and varied selection of missions.

  • Intuitive controls – Pick up and play the game via a simple, straightforward control scheme that'll have anyone flying in seconds
  • Instant action - An accessible interface makes it easy for anyone to jump straight into the biggest aerial battles of WWII
  • Multiplayer dogfighting action – Up to 12 players can fight it out via the Internet or LAN, fly solo or team up in squadrons as either American or Japanese pilots
  • Choose your side – The campaign mode offers players the chance to take on the role of dashing Douglas Knox of the USAAF or fighter pilot Zenji Yamada of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
  • Riveting action - Take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the most prolific fighters, bombers and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the WWII Pacific Theatre! Historical Locations – Fight the selfsame battles that determined the outcome of the war including Doolittle Raid, Pearl Harbor, The Battle of Midway and Iwo Jima!
  • Unique cutscenes - The campaign is advanced through graphic novel-inspired animation panels which bring an exciting and refreshing feel to the game
  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 269.35 MB
  • Categories: Action
  • Publisher: Legendo
  • Release: 30th Jul 2007 18:00 (UTC+01:00)
  • DRM: DRM Free
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • CPU/Processor: Intel P4 1.6GHz/AMD Athlon XP 1600+
  • Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 3/ATI Radeon 8500, 64MB
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Hard Drive: 500MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX: 9.0c or better