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Takeda 3

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Takeda 3

Rating: 3.3 (102 votes cast)

"It's one of these secret gems gamers sometimes find when they weren't thinking about it. The game is very detailed and highly realistic...."
"Nowadays I don't find many quality games that combine a strategy map and a deep and rewarding battle engine. May I dare to say that it's a must-buy for wargamers?"
- Pascal Giovannini from www.wargamer.com

Takeda 3 is the latest in the Takeda series of games, based on the life and times of famous 16th century Samurai Lord, Takeda Shingen.  In Takeda 3, you take command of the powerful Daimyo (feudal lord) of one of 25 historical clans of feudal Japan; engaging in diplomacy, managing your castles and territory, and commanding your armies in combat.

With effective planning and tactics you can defend your territory, defeat your enemies, and eventually rise to the rank of Shogun—military protector of all Japan!  Welcome to Takeda 3!

Thirty Seven Realistic Castles Based On Historical Layout

  • Battles are set in castles based on historical Japanese castles, making very realistic fortifications.
  • Experience storming through multiple layers of walls and gates to reach the keep.
  • Watch for archery towers within castles, along mountain roads or on river banks.
  • Use ninja to sabotage the gates of a strong enemy’s castle before you launch your attack.  

Epic Battles!

  • 3D terrains of the Japanese landscape are immersive and offer dynamic views of battles
  • Weather effects like fog, rain, and snow influence the outcome of the battle. Heavy fog can create a “fog of war” effect in battle mode, so that an army would have little or no intelligence about the enemy army’s numbers, strength, and position. Rain makes rifles hard to fire.
  • Listen to the cavalry pounding through the infantry as they cry out.

Experience the History

  • Look down on a battlefield that is filled with historical family banners of the generals that they proudly wave in battle.
  • You can set 12 historical Army Formations based on Japanese history.  You can evolve your army formation in response to the current battle situation in real time. 
  • You can view biographies of the characters which are true to each historical person with their personalities and ambitions being reflected in the game.   


  • Through Palace Mode, you can plot out extensive strategic plans by tracking your relations with other clans, your trade ties and by making offerings to the Emperor.  
  • Command ninjas to spy on, assassinate, or trick your enemies.
  • Create political marriages to secure alliances and treaties.
  • Use alliances to your advantage and convince others to fight your battles.

Infrastructure Management

  • Improve your clan’s infrastructure by building facilities, such as barracks, marketplaces, ninja houses and towns that provide different offensive and defensive advantages.  
  • Some castles have special buildings which reflect their historical importance such as a ninja house or a rifle house.


  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 1 408.13 MB
  • Categories: Strategy
  • Publisher: Magitech Games
  • Release: 27th Feb 2009 18:00 (UTC+01:00)
  • DRM: DRM Free
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • 100% OpenGL 1.3 compatible 64MB video card (The following video cards might have compatibility issues with Magitech games: eVGA nVidia GTX 275 and some ATI Radeon cards.  Please try the demo version for the video card compatibility before you purchase the game).
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows XP with SP2
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 3.0 GB uncompressed disk space (+ 200 MB for Windows system file)
  • Windows compatible mouse, keyboard and drivers
  • DirectX 8.1 compatible 16 bit sound card and drivers