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WW2 Panzer Claws 2

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WW2 Panzer Claws 2

Rating: 4 (37 votes cast)

In this real-time strategy game you take control of the Allied, German or Russian forces in the harsh reality of the battlefields of World War II. The campaigns cover operations in France and Italy to the powerful German offensive in the Ardennes Forest.

At your disposal are a vast number of vehicles and tanks, as well as ground troops and the ability to call in air forces when needed. The day and night cycle combines with changing weather to make timing a factor. All these elements must be used in order to obtain the ultimate prize: Victory!

  • 4 campaigns with over 40 missions
  • Infiltrate buildings and abandoned vehicles with your ground troops
  • 3D maps enhance the game play experience
  • True to history, the campaign missions take place in various seasons of the year, greatly affecting your strategies
  • True real-time: night and day will occur during your missions, changing light and visibility
  • 15 extra missions to play in Skirmish mode
  • The easy-to-use editor allows you to create your own missions to play single-player or multiplayer
  • 8-player multiplayer over Internet or LAN
  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 1 243.54 MB
  • Categories: Strategy
  • Publisher: Topware Entertainment
  • Release: 3rd Dec 2004 18:00 (UTC+01:00)
  • DRM: Other DRM
  • Version: 1.3
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium MMX 333 MHZ
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 8 MB Graphic Card